No More Excuses

No more excuses

Everyone is responsible for themselves, and it’s not your job to justify other’s bad behavior.  If you’re constantly defending someone’s words and deeds then it’s time to reevaluate the relationship.  Trust yourself enough to know if you experience someones comments and actions as inconsiderate, rude and offensive that you’re right.  Stop putting your head in sand and ignoring your inner truth. It’s time to take the doormat glasses off and see the person through reality lenses.

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2015 in review

Logo Centered

2015 was a year of growth.  My blog blossomed, my other social media platforms grew, (FaceBook ended the year with 58,000 followers) my book sold world wide (in print and electronically) I launched my on-line store on CafePress and I only gained 2 pounds.  


I’m grateful for my health and my journey throughout 2015 and thank you for visiting my sites, reading my book, sharing your thoughts and standing up with me.


Wishing all a happy, healthy and stand up New Year

With love and gratitude,


Rose Gardner


PS  If you’re interested in statistics, below is the 2015                                   official report on The Society for Recovering Doormats


Click here to see the complete report.

I will survive.

I will survive

I will survive

Even the worst situation is survivable.  Remind yourself of this the next time you’re on a terrible blind date, have a tedious project to complete, stuck in a boring  job, or at a never ending social obligation with toxic relatives.

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Got guilt?

guilt be goneGuilt is a useless emotion.  ‘A’ Listers frequently use guilt as a tool to manipulate the recovering mat. If you’re in a situation where someone is giving you a guilt trip, please repeat this brain fart several times and do not, and I repeat DO NOT feel guilty.
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Be assertive.

Be assertiveSanding up and speaking out when necessary is admirable. But there is a fine line between assertiveness, and acting like an all-about-themselves ‘A’ Lister.’  Please be careful not to fall into that trap when speaking your mind.
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No whining.

Sometimes it’s really really difficult to accept what’s happening in our lives. We either ignore or whine. Putting our heads in the sand won’t help anything, and whining about what we don’t like is also useless. Standing up, speaking out and taking action is much more effective.
 no whining
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I will survive.

I will surviveMost situations  are survivable.  Remind yourself of this the next time you’re on a terrible blind date, have a tedious project to complete, stuck in a boring  job, or attending a never ending holiday gathering with toxic relatives.

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If you’ve had enough, stand up and speak out.  Use your voice,  alert those needing to hear this information.  Say it loud and clear so there is no question in anyone’s mind:  Enough

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