Be assertive.

Be assertiveSanding up and speaking out when necessary is admirable. But there is a fine line between assertiveness, and acting like an all-about-themselves ‘A’ Lister.’  Please be careful not to fall into that trap when speaking your mind.

2 thoughts on “Be assertive.

  1. Learning to be assertive in the face of hostility and manipulation and the many score of things we are exposed to .. at home (perhaps married to or parents are …narcs or psychopaths) … at the doctors .. in the workplace … and so on and on seems to be almost impossible. Caught off guard it’s too easy to revert to aggression, passiveness, withdrawl, (regression is triggered). I’ve read books, see a psychologist, had hypnotherapy, EMDR and tapping. Somehow in the split second of stimulus to reaction my mind chooses passive or childish behaviour. What to do ay? Cheers and thanks for reading (listening) …

    • Hi Susee, thanks so much for sharing your story. ‘What to do?’ YES that is the question we are all seeking the answer to. I think everything you are doing to maintain good mental health is right on target. But yes there is that split second of stimulus that haunts all recovering doormats when we slip and resort to past behavior patterns. Being aware that this is happening is a wonderful accomplishment. Keep up the good work. ❤

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