No whining.

Sometimes it’s really really difficult to accept what’s happening in our lives. We either ignore or whine. Putting our heads in the sand won’t help anything, and whining about what we don’t like is also useless. Standing up, speaking out and taking action is much more effective.
 no whining

6 thoughts on “No whining.

  1. Sometimes the best I can do is just simply look at it and walk away. That is more healing for me than fighting against stupid and ignorant.

    • I agree Cindy. I kept my mouth shut for so many years that now I tend to automatically speak up, whether it is the best thing to do or not. I am finally learning to think before I do either one.

  2. Hi Cindy, self healing is the most important. Your strategy is great. Remember, ya can’t fix stupid. Thanks so much for all your interaction with our group. With appreciation. Rose

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