Are You an Over Carer?

Pleasing the whole world.


People pleasers are over carers. We’re too kind, accepting and accommodating. The dangerous effects of over caring  are short changing ourselves, completely ignoring self needs and fulfilling personal dreams and desires.  The people we
over care for are seldom grateful, and take full advantage of our generous nature.

Please examine your relationships and determine if they are meeting your needs.  Yes, despite what we’ve told ourselves, we mater and deserve reciprocative relationships.

Please yourself, because pleasing the whole world is  unhealthy, exhausting and impossible.   End of story.  

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Be assertive.

Be assertiveSanding up and speaking out when necessary is admirable. But there is a fine line between assertiveness, and acting like an all-about-themselves ‘A’ Lister.’  Please be careful not to fall into that trap when speaking your mind.
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