12 thoughts on “Mativersal Coping

  1. I was a well grounded doormat. I was taught through adult verbal and physical battles that speaking up was wrong. I was outspoken until the age of 8-10. Then I became someone I did not recognize. This continued until the age of 35-40, I found me! Got my masters then tested a d gained my LPC license! Opened my office felt grand never overwhelmed!

    • Hi Bell, your story is so familiar. As you can probably sumerize I spent many years as a people pleaser. Still have to fight everyday to stand up and speak out. I am so glad you reached out to me. Thanks so much for your comment. Rose.

  2. I ended up here through a maze of Facebook people and groups that I couldn’t begin to replicate. I found you because I needed to and I feel better already. I just ordered your book and can’t wait to read it. Thank you all you have already done!

    • Hi Laura, I am going through my blog and realized I never responded to you. Please forgive the tardiness of my reply. I am glad you’re here and hope you enjoyed reading my book. Wishing you the very best always. ❤

  3. I love this blog Rose. If we can all help each other through this lovely place we will all be winners. ❤

  4. Thank you. I have been feeling alone and mad for being this way. I am trying to ” get off the floor ” and not be a mat anymore!!! I also am trying to teachy daughter what to look for and what not to do.
    Thank you for this site

    • Hi Michelle, sorry this reply is so very late but somehow I missed responding to your comment. I hope you are feeling better and ‘off the floor.’ Many (((HUGS))).

  5. My husbands cousin died. she and I were the same age. My mother-in-law told me to my face that she wished it was me that died!

    • I’m so sorry. I’ve had three of those horrendous shocking stabbing statements in my lifetime. Mostly from my mother. What causes this behavior? Untreated mental illness? Probably. But it doesn’t stop the pain does it?

      • Hi Roe, I am so saddened by the cruel behavior of your mother. Realize that those comments had nothing to do with YOU, and everything to do with HER. It sounds like she may have untreated mental illness, like you said. I am NOT a professional medical doctor, however, I can’t imagine anyone in their right mind saying such a horrible thing to anyone. Verbal abuse is never OK. No mater what. Sending you much love and many (((HUGS))) ❤

    • That is dreadful Linda. Your MIL comment was very cruel. It is never OK to be cruel to another person. No mater what the circumstance. Sending you many hugs. ❤

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