Definitions for Rose’s Empowerment Pyramid 


Lingo used at The Society for Recovering Doormats



Doormat aka ‘D’ Listers — People suffering from addiction to people-pleasing, who have low self-esteem, depression, a victim mentality, and are afraid to assert themselves.

‘C’ Listers — Once you’ve taken the first step off the mat you begin your journey as a Recovering Doormat. First level up are those comfortable with themselves, but who are still afraid to speak their mind and avoid conflict at all costs.

‘B’ Listers — The second level of recovery for the doormat. Peeps on the ‘B’ Listers are brave and bold Recovering Doormats who take chances and risks while putting themselves out there.

Empowerment — Nirvana. All recovering doormats strive for this state of being. Few people are born empowered but there’s a select lucky few who are. An empowered is confident from within and doesn’t care what any one else says or does. Fully empowered peeps are virtually unaffected by anyone else’s drama or issues. Most recovering doormats rarely achieve full empowerment, vacillating between ‘bold and brave’ and empowerment.

Matify – Justifying our matty behavior. For example : ” I had to get my daughter the new iphone, otherwise she would yell and be mad at me.”

Matty –  Acting, feeling or being treated like a doormat.

Mat work – People pleasing.

MATnificent – Wonderful!

Mativersal – Events, and feelings experienced  by doormats worldwide.

Mat Nemeses: (enemies)

‘A’ Listers — ‘A’ Listers are ‘all about themselves’. Celebrities in their own minds. They enlist doormats to dump on. ‘A’ Lister’s aren’t happy when a Recovering Doormat speaks up and says ‘no’. ‘A’ Lister’s do anything to ensure mats remain where they are certain they belong: and that is always, without exception, on the ‘D’ List. Use caution when dealing with an ‘A’ lister. You’ll never be on their ‘A’ list and they encourage and enable your worst doormat behavior.

‘F’ Listers aka Fishy — Fishy, are peeps residing on the ‘F’ List. Drama queens, pathological liars targeting your dreams then ingratiating themselves quickly and completely into your life. Beware the fishy, they are manipulative, exhausting time sucks and very damaging to the recovering doormat.

Apprentice –   A wannabe ‘A’ Lister and close friend to an A lister. Apprentice’s support and get caught up in the “A’s” delusion of grandeur, and thus doom themselves to endless mattiness.

Doormies – Affectionate slang name for doormats.