The suggestion of looking the other way, isn’t promoting or encouraging anyone to put their head in the sand and dismiss a harsh reality. Not recommending denial. The signature doormat behavior of people-pleasers is staying silent for fear of a confrontation. I’m not in favor of this at all. But, turning away from a situation that can not be changed by our involvement is different than staying silent for fear based reasons.

There are major situations happening in our world that need a collective voice. Issues on our worldwide plate that could definitely benefit by us standing up, speaking out and making our voices heard.  Together. This is why it’s imperative to save our energy, not squander it on the incidental and trivial.  Sometimes, it’s a waste of breath,  and using our breath to talk, is energy.  Acknowledge  how a situation is, then decide if it is worth our time and energy is crucial.

Acknowledgment is key.  But just because we’ve acknowledged something, doesn’t mean we need to verbalize our point of view.  Especially if it is contrary to a situation, and invites hours of debate with individuals determined on negating our perspective.

I’d love to hear what you think?  All comments welcomed.