“If you are tired, rest.” It seems so simple, but many of us deny ourselves this needed self-care. Or if we do rest, we feel guilty about not actively engaging in life. We start “should-ing” ourselves about doing something productive.

Remember that rest IS productive for maintaining good mental health. And this is something forgotten. Most recovering mats have put themselves last for so long and self-care doesn’t receive the attention it deserves.

We don’t need to be sick with doctor’s note, or permission from anybody.  As seasoned adults, it’s our well deserved right to unplug and chill when we are tired and stop brushing off “rest” as a waste of time.

Take time everyday, without guilt or obsessing about time-wasting, without reasons or explanations; disconnect and unwind.

For me it’s a walk on the beach, or an afternoon power nap restoring my inner peace.  Please shout out in the comment section below what YOU do to relax and recharge.  What makes you feel rested and content? If you can’t think of anything, chances are you’re tired and need to think about what you can do. Then do it!  End of story.