Birthdays. We all have them, and although my emotions are a mixed bag of hope, reflection and self – doubt undermining my years of work on empowerment and self-worth; I still love my birthday!  Milestone birthdays require at least a month-long acknowledgement, and major milestones must be celebrated for the entire year!

Last month I celebrated traveling another 365 days around the sun and given the greatest gift from the universe: a Blue full moon and a lunar eclipse! It was the icing on my birthday cake, the Universe’s confirmation that THIS is going to be my year by presenting a glowing spectacle in the skies. My heart filled with hope. Yes, this will be the year that all my desires will be manifested!

I counted the wishes on my FB timeline like a child gathering Halloween candy. Yes, I embrace my birthday, but part of me remembers this insight expressed by Buddha. ‘The trouble is you think you have time.” That nagging reminder sat on my shoulder reminding me that I am not on this planet forever. This thought triggered other realities; time is fleeting and I started questioning if it might be later than I think. What if the blue full moon and eclipse was a warning of an impending disaster? “STOP” I said out loud! I realized at that moment that I was sabotaging what was joyous and uplifting with negative thoughts. Isn’t that the doormatish behavior I’ve been trying so hard to overcome?

Instead of dwelling on all the things that might derail my plans, I took my right hand and brushed Buddha and his insight right off my shoulder. I didn’t need him to sit there and rain on my parade.

And so I start my new journey around the sun with excited anticipation knowing that I’ve done all the hard work, and will continue to put forth a concerted effort to make this the best year ever. I take comfort in knowing that what is meant for me will always find me.

And yes I love my birthday and encourage all to do the same. Make it a happy birthday! Celebrate, enjoy, and stay away from reading quotes by Buddha on your special day meant for joy.


I’d love to hear your thoughts and how you celebrate your birthday.  Please shout out in the comment section of this post by clicking in the space provided below.