‘A’ listers are everywhere and can’t be avoided, so awareness of who you’re interacting with is key.

Everyone knows at least one of these types; the know-it-all, who thinks they’re better than everyone else. They place little value on integrity and loyalty and treat others according to their financial status and affiliation with other ‘A’ listers.  Judgmental and condescending, they’re toxic narcissists who reside on their own list of elitists.  They aren’t celebrities, except within their own minds.

People pleasers beware:  the ‘A’ Lister exists in an agenda driven, self-serving world.  Shallow and impressionistic, they may (by their ridiculous standards) deem us unworthy. The danger for us (because we are trusting souls) is believing them and allowing ourselves to be treated less than. We aren’t responsible for their ignorant behavior and just because they treat us like doormats doesn’t mean we are one!

Stand up, speak out and walk away (if you can.) And always remember that the ‘A’ lister’s behavior towards you says little about you, but speaks volumes about them.