Stress Triggers

Button pushersWe all know people who are masters at pushing our buttons. Most are family members and close friends. They aren’t toxic but cause enormous stress. They’re well-meaning but their good intentions are counterproductive to our needs and elevate our stress level.

Knowing WHO these people are, then keeping a safe distance (especially in stressful situations) is one way to manage their good intentions.

3 thoughts on “Stress Triggers

  1. i just moved and i had three people stress me to the max.have not gone back to any of contact for me is the answer.i will say hello and that is it.i walk away.karen

    • Good luck in your new place Karen. Stick to your guns and continue taking good care of yourself. If anyone stresses you out, stay away from them. Perfect plan. End of story. Wishing you a happy, healthy and peaceful New Year ❤ Rose

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