Verbal abuse is abuse.

The power of hurtful language is just as damaging and maybe even more detrimental than a physical assault.  If someone strikes us, afterwards we can see the wound heal and know exactly what to do. Many times we choose to leave the relationship.  A physical  affront will make us take action. In most cases, will permit us to make a healthy decision about how to move forward.

But when the abuse is verbal, some fragment gets lodged within our mind and continues to replay itself.  The wound never heals, and we remain within the abusive relationship, justifying the abusers behavior.   But verbal abuse just like physical abuse is never okay, and should never be minimized or tolerated.

Stand up, speak out and walk away.  verbal abuse is not ok

6 thoughts on “Verbal abuse is abuse.

  1. I just realized that verbal abuse can also come on the job with your boss. I kept staying trying to make it work, but couldn’t handle the constant verbal beat down….and how is it that they can make you feel like you were at fault??! I am out of there now, but still feeling the sting.

    • Oh Laurie, how right you are about verbal abuse occurring in the workplace. I am glad you left. If that happens again there are social services you can contact. Report theses people. Never accept verbal abuse from anyone. ANYWHERE! Hope you find a new job where you are cherished and valued. ❤

    • This is happening to me right now by my supervisor and the sad thing is both HR and her supervisor are aware of it and not doing anything about it. I live in a small town where there are not very many jobs. I just want to give up, suicide seems like the only option because of all the crap going on. I do have mental health workers and a job coach that all know whats going on but even they can only do so much. It’s hard to keep holding on!

      • Amy, please PLEASE do not harm yourself. If you are considering suicide then contact the nearest emergency room. Suicide is not an option. You can get through this Amy. Sending you much love and many hugs. ❤

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