Break the cycle of self-blaming.

Feeling worthy All humans are flawed and have needs. Except the narcissist. Don’t believe me?  Just ask one. They’ll laundry list their super powers while pointing out and embellishing our weaknesses. Belittling and negating others is their specialty. Reducing another to an unworthy pile of insignificance; their primary goal.

Narcissists, or ‘A’ Listers as we refer to them here at The Society for Recovering Doormats, are dangerous personalities, especially for people pleasing doormats. They are toxic to approval addicts because we’re the first to accept and internalize the terrible lies they proclaim. We think we need their love and approval and validate their vicious, self-serving talk as truth.  But giving credence to their warped views, renders us ashamed and unworthy.

Break the cycle of self-blaming now! The next time you’re feeling too needy and less than the wonderful person you are, remember:  it’s not you!  Consider instead the company you’re keeping.  Chances are they are an ‘all-about-themselves ‘A’ Lister.  

You can’t change them but have a choice to disassociate.  If this isn’t feasible because of life circumstances then disengage with them mentally and emotionally,  Do not give them the power to steal your worthiness. It is every person’s birthright.

8 thoughts on “Break the cycle of self-blaming.

  1. There are many posts/writindpgs on this subject, but I find this one so direct and helpful — does not spend time blaming other or self. Thank you so much. I felel uplifted.

  2. Ive not been with you long, but want to thank you for writing to my heart and plainly speaking truth. I’ve finally come out of the dark of thinking I was alone in this, but wow was I wrong! Thank you for putting things into perspective with words that resonated with my soul.
    Thanks from one Ivy to another.

    • Thank you so much for your heartfelt words fellow Ivy. 🙂 Your validation is much appreciated. Sad that we people pleasing doormats suffer the devastating consequences. BUT good to know we are all nice, caring, loving people. We are authentic people with warm hearts who give too much. I’d choose this INSTEAD of being a self serving, narcissist. Because we take too much crap, we need to LEARN HOW to put ourselves first. We can still keep our gentle loving nature, but remember not EVERYONE is like us. And we have to learn how to interact with the rest of the world in a healthy manner. FOR US. Glad you reached out. Have a great weekend. ❤

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