What makes us doormats?

What keeps us doormatsWhat makes us doormats keeps us doormats if behavioral changes aren’t made. The first step in recovering from doormatism is making people accountable for their actions.  It is not  your fault.

10 thoughts on “What makes us doormats?

  1. Hi Ivy, Hope all is well with you! I am still hoping that you will get to the B & N in Ocala. Any plans to come here sometime?

    • Hi Susan, at the moment, I don’t have plans for Ocala, BUT I will absolutely let you know if and when I do. Hope all is well with you too Susan ❤

  2. Its been under a year since I learned about boundaries. My grown children want the old me back so bad they are beside themselves. Talk about a lot of extra free time. I’m staying positive, hoping they’ll grow to love the new me, even though I no longer offer the ‘wipe your feet on me’ option.

    • Yes it is Sandra! Thanks so much for commenting. You will love today’s blog post (11/11). Our guest therapist Dr. Terry Segal addresses this. Check it out later here, or on my page on FaceBook. ❤

    • Hi Sandra, feeling responsibility for other peoples happiness is a key element in doormat behavior. Second nature to most struggling with doormatism. Keep fighting the good fight, and realize the ONLY ONE you can truly please and make happy is YOU. ❤

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