You Are Worthy.

Realize the magic and wonder of YOU.  Surround yourself with authentic people who treat you kindly, are aware of your gifts, and enhance your well being. You are worthy of and deserve nothing less than love.  worthy of love

6 thoughts on “You Are Worthy.

  1. Have always believed this but have had to cope with the passive/aggressives, covert aggressors, bullies and naysayers over the years. Finally weeding these toxic peeps from my life and finally getting what I DESERVE.

    • It’s difficult to discern that Lily. An authentic person is a breath of fresh air. Somehow, a disingenuous phony is much easier (for me) to spot. I value the REAL treasures in my life. After many decades of engaging in Doormat behavior, I finally feel I deserve, and am worthy of love. The truth is, we have all been worthy of this, from the day we arrived on earth, but sometimes it takes a long time to grasp what is right in front of us. ❤ Rose G.

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