Are You Living or Existing?

People pleasers feel comfortable as by-standers  and allow other’s to decide, then map out their lives.   Resigned to existing  instead of living , people pleasers use justification as a powerful coping tool.  Finding a million reasons not to stand up for authentic beliefs and remaining silent seems easier Laundry listing reasons not to succeed:  simpler.    Avoiding confrontation may ensure tranquility but propels us into doormat status;  doomed to exist instead of live.

We have a choice. But every choice has a price.   There’s  no guarantee what will manifest if we choose using our voice, and live authentically.  The only guarantee comes with making excuses:  and for me, that price is too high.

find a way

4 thoughts on “Are You Living or Existing?

  1. I started going to Celebrate Recovery at church many years ago, it was a life changer, gradually through time God started changing me and the way I responded to my emotionally abusive husband. Then came the courage to leave and to start finding the life God has for me, To have stayed would have been to commit emotional suicide, as he was narcisstic. The emotional abuse continued to escalate. I am so glad I left, and this summer I will divorce him. I am so grateful to God for leading m out of “Egypt-Slavery”.

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