Agree to disagree.

Standing up and speaking your mind is always encouraged. But sometimes, your opinion will never be understood.  In this instance it’s best to agree to disagree.  Save your breath and energy trying to convince someone who’s committed to mis understanding you.

Agree to disagree

Agree to disagree

6 thoughts on “Agree to disagree.

  1. Some people really like to argue and are determined to “win.” I had that happen with a friend who became quite upset by something I said. I was surprised by his vehemence and after trying to clarify what I meant, he just got angrier. I realized then that there was no discussing this with him in a calm rational manner. Instead of trying to explain further, I just thanked him for expressing his views. He kept on going…. Because he was a friend and I valued the relationship, I just listened and made non-committal responses, “I didn’t think of that; I can see your point; I appreciate you sharing your experience.” By just staying calm and accepting, he eventually let it go. (Under different circumstances, I would just walk away.)

    • WOW Magcanright, that is such empowered behavior! I am sharing this with our group over on Facebook. I commend you on this healthy behavior and hope others will be inspired to follow suite. Please visit The Society for Recovering Doormats ( ON LINE on FB) Thursday, March 19th at 3:10 PM (EST) where your story will be shared. Thank you for being this weeks ‘stand up and speak out’ person of the week. ❤ Rose Gardner

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