Anyone ever feel like this?

Anyone ever feel like this?

16 thoughts on “Anyone ever feel like this?

    • True Rosemary! But perhaps after confronting a reoccurring fear, the fear will become less daunting and have less power. Something to think about.

    • Sometimes a therapist can help. I overcame a lot of my issues with claustrophobia and heights with a good psychologist. I have a friend who is fearful of cotton balls. Go figure that one out. :-/

  1. This is EXACTLY how I feel. Sadly I rarely ever do the things that scare me. I think I’ve made it a habit. 😦

    • Hi Lisa, A habit can be broken. I was always fearful of doing something new. UNTIL the minute AFTER I did it. Sometimes we have to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones to experience what life is all about. I challenge you to do the next thing that ‘scares’ you! Let me know when this happens, (and what fear you overcame) and I will send you a framed, ‘I am proud to be a Recovering Doormat’ 8 x 10 poster. Do we have a deal? 🙂 ❤ Rose G.

        • Great! Send your address to my private message box on The Society for Recovering Doormats FB page. If you don’t do Facebook, then we will try another way for you to share the mailing address with me and not the entire internet world. LOL. BUT FIRST ya need to do that one thing that scares you. Good luck. 🙂 Rose G.

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