We matter.

We matter

We matter

11 thoughts on “We matter.

  1. I gladly cook lovely meals for the family in a very hot kitchen, sweat pouring from my brow
    But now I have had an accident, oh dear feel quite ill. I am always very nervous about the state I leave the kitchen as untidiness or mess will not be tolerated. Now do I own up about the cracked Bodum frother or just keep quiet?

  2. Hi Rosemary, I would take a deep breath and own up to the mishap. Stuff happens. You obviously have a conscience, and caring a secret around isn’t healthy.

  3. Live with a sense of openness, being alert and aware of those around you and how you could brighten their day with a smile and hello, a kind word, a compliment, opening the door, letting someone get ahead of you in line (that’s not being a doormat if you do it joyfully and fully aware that you are doing it because you WANT to, not because you “should.”) That, for me, is what takes away the matiness.

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