Anyone ever feel like this?

The universe

7 thoughts on “Anyone ever feel like this?

  1. Yep, there are quite a few days I feel like this… On those days, I look up to the heavens and shout “Why are you mocking me?” I have decided that, if there IS a God, I am a never ending source of amusement for Him…. It’s nice to know I’m not alone.

  2. I feel the Lord trust me to much… and I can’t catch a break.. anxiety nights never seem to end because I over obess on solutions towards how ppl feel and right or wrong I still end up dissatisfied becoz I’m to overseeing. I’ve to much empathy but those who recieve my kind strokes always misuse my nature or show no appreciation in what’s fair. but the Lord sent me this msg n its baby steps starting with know my worth n value is important too.

    I asked Allah for strength and Allah gave me difficulties to make me strong, I asked Allah for wisdom and Allah gave me problems to solve, I asked Allah for courage and Allah gave me obstacles to overcome, I asked Allah for love and Allah gave me troubled people to help, I asked Allah for favours and Allah gave me opportunities. Maybe I recieved nothing I wanted, but I received everything I needed

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