• My Life as a Doormat – Book

    Do you ever feel like life, work or family is overwhelming? Romance doesn't always go as planned. Do your friends think you quirky? Superstitious? Are you a people pleaser? If you answered "Yes!" to any of these questions then My Life as a Doormat is the book for you. My Life as a Doormat follows the adventures of Rose Gardner. It's 1980. Naïve and fresh out of college Rose moves to Manhattan against her parents' wishes to pursue an acting career. Anxiety-ridden and insecure, Rose fights to maintain her sanity while establishing herself as an actress and coping with bad relationships, unpredictable roommates, bad decisions, bad jobs, and bad friends. If you live in the USA, check out with PayPal and receive a signed copy directly from the author. My Life as a Doormat is ALSO available worldwide from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Worldwide shoppers - please click the link closest to you: Amazon Australia / Amazon BrazilAmazon Canada / Amazon France / Amazon Germany Amazon India / Amazon Italy / Amazon Japan / Amazon Spain / Amazon United Kingdom  Barnes&Noble United Kingdom
  • Off the Floor!

    If you avoid confrontation, have low self esteem, or assume responsibility for other's bad moods, Off the Floor is the workbook for you. An easy, downloadable practical workbook helping people pleasers identify doormat-ish behavior and develop strategies to stand up and speak out. Within the chapters you'll receive questions helping determine how much of a people pleaser you are and simple behavioral tips to help lift up your self esteem and become empowered. Note: After your purchase you will receive a confirmation email containing the downloadable link. Click on the link to download and see your book wherever your device saves downloads.

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