It’s been awhile since posting on my blog site, and I hope all are well. As I grow older, time disappears at a rapid rate. Fall flashed by and the next thing I know it’s the end of February. Where does all this time go?  I’ve spent the winter revisiting  my past. Not to recreate it, but to draw from it as I work on my next novel, Not Just My Mother’s Daughter. Writing this sequel to My Life as a Doormat is a labor of love. Spending hours within the archives of my memory, conjuring up recollections from a buried past is daunting.  It is a bittersweet journey and the brick and mortar of my writing.

I’ve also completed writing a television pilot based on My Life as a Doormat and will be headed back to NYC mid April to complete this project. As the sole producer I’m currently in pre-production and busy with securing  a  cast, crew, location and many other details prior to filming. I will also be acting in it. I’m beyond excited about this new labor of love and will keep you posted.

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I’ve also created 2 closed groups for those needing private, online places to vent and share.

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I’m grateful to all visiting, commenting and using  your voice to stand up and speak out.  Sending good thoughts and virtual hugs with much love always,

Rose G. aka Ivy