Are you too nice?

Too nice
Most doormats care too much and are too nice.

Niceness is an underrated, unappreciated asset setting us apart from inconsiderate, self absorbed, narcissistic  ‘A’ listers.  We’re kind and loving and it’s our responsibility  to embrace ourselves, unashamed of our former doormat status. Celebrating our good hearts, warm and giving nature and remaining  un jaded is vital during our recovery from doormatism.

Niceness is our wonderful asset, but as recovering mats, must be tempered with caution.

My Life as a Doormat – Book


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Could’ve, Should’ve and Would’ve

If could’ve, should’ve and would’ve are part of your daily inner dialogue then it’s time to       stop beating yourself up. Regrets about what you might have done differently or how things evolved is a waste of emotional energy and a form of self abuse.   Especially, when you put yourself front and center, accepting blame then self punish.  Cut yourself some major slack, and stop beating yourself up!Be nice to yourself

Let Freedom Ring

Wishing you love,  freedom, and justice for all.  Remembering all the heroes who fought and are fighting for this reality.  Today and always. None