Don’t tell me how I feel: ASK me.

When we’re feeling upbeat and confidant is the narcissist  cue to plant seeds of insecurity and doubt and knock us down to the floor.  The all-about-them-self narcissistic  ‘A’ lister uses any opportunity to remind us we are less than, and telling us how we feel is just their prelude.

Telling us how we feel is one of their most powerful manipulation tools to  keep us where they think we belong.  Stand up, speak out and remind these peeps not to tell you how you feel.


Don't tell me how I feel

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Summer Book Signings and Event Schedule

My Life As a Doormat

Below are book signing and event dates for the summer –

Dates and Locations –

June 13th  –  Barnes & Noble  –  Carrollwood,  Florida – 2pm – 4pm

11802 Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL 33618


June  20th  – Barnes & Noble –  Brandon Florida         – 12pm – 2pm

122 Brandon Town Center Dr, Brandon, FL 33511


June 27th – Barnes & Noble – Clearwater, Florida       – 11am – 2Pm

 23654 US 19 North, Clearwater, Fl 33765


August 5th – Guest speaker for Tampa Writers Alliance  – 7PM

Carrollwood B & N – 11802 Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL 33618 



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Beware The Narcissist.


Narcissists are self-serving, master manipulators,  preying on good-hearted, kind people like doormats. The best way to deal with narcissists is to avoid them.  If that’s not an option, then please realize everything they say and do is about THEM.  These peeps are agenda driven, and use doormats for their emotional and physical dumping ground.   In a word – BEWARE!

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