Stamp Out Doormatism

It is  2016.  A time for enlightenment and acceptance. With acceptance brings power. GLBT’s are out of their closets, speaking up for equal rights and respect and receiving it!  Doormats  muddle through as matty messes feeling isolated and manipulated. We  need validation too.  The Society for Recovering Doormats allows us to meet like-minded peeps.   The Society for Recovering Doormats is a safe house where we pick ourselves up off of the floor and speak out  for what we want.  Speaking up and refusing acceptance of what doesn’t align with our needs and moral compass is a major step for a mat.

This concept isn’t novel.  In Paris there’s The Society for Encouragement.  I’m sure it has nothing to do with helping doormats, but wouldn’t it be great if it did? And there are countless books written and programs designed by shrinks, and psychologists all offering advice and everyday strategies. Helping the mat remains a valiant, on-going effort.

I find mats are docile, loving, trusting and non confrontational peeps with low self esteem and  easy targets for individuals with manipulative, self serving agendas. It’s due time we raise our collective consciousness and put an end to doormatism. We’ve  been ignored for too long. Seen, but not heard, used and abused. I say “no more on the floor!”

A question buzzing around The Society for Recovering Doormats is: “How do I know if I am a doormat?”  Most peeps don’t realize they’re a mat until after a visit to The Society for Recovering Doormats.

During our formative years we’re blissfully unaware of our mat status. But the cumulative damage from years of people pleasing and accommodating others renders us into submission and alas we are destined to doormatism. We smile to mask our pain but are silently miserable from neglecting our personal needs.  If this sounds like you, then you are a doormat.

The good news is, you don’t have to remain a doormat.  With some insight and behavior modification you can be standing up, speaking out and evolve into a mat-no-more status!

I’m not a medical professional, therapist, psychologist, or a psychiatrist.  I’m just  a recovering doormat trying to help as many fellow mats as I can. One mat at a time.

Standing up and speaking out,
Rose Gardner – Founding member and creator of The Society for Recovering Doormats.