Be assertive.

Be assertiveSanding up and speaking out when necessary is admirable. But there is a fine line between assertiveness, and acting like an all-about-themselves ‘A’ Lister.’  Please be careful not to fall into that trap when speaking your mind.
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No whining.

Sometimes it’s really really difficult to accept what’s happening in our lives. We either ignore or whine. Putting our heads in the sand won’t help anything, and whining about what we don’t like is also useless. Standing up, speaking out and taking action is much more effective.
 no whining
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Since early childhood, I was the victim of bullies.  Bulling, in my opinion, is a heinous crime, that was never addressed as such when I was growing up. Both bulling and child molestation were brushed under the carpet by embarrassed parents. In the late 1950s, early 60s my parents did the best they could. I hold no grudges, for they didn’t know how to cope with these issues. BUT now both issues are being taken seriously, with consequences. I am glad about that and hope we can continue to stand up and speak out. Something I never felt really comfortable about until I was a very matured adult.

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No one is perfect.

Let go of regretting words left unsaid, and actions  unexpressed.  Also forgive yourself for words and actions done in haste.   We are only human, and  everyone makes mistakes.  No one is perfect. no one is perfect

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I will survive.

I will surviveMost situations  are survivable.  Remind yourself of this the next time you’re on a terrible blind date, have a tedious project to complete, stuck in a boring  job, or attending a never ending holiday gathering with toxic relatives.

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