14,000 peeps strong!

Many thanks to all peeps sharing and liking The Society for Recovering Doormats.  We are now 14,000 members strong on FaceBook.  I appreciate your viewership.  Rose G. 14,000


If you’ve had enough, stand up and speak out.  Use your voice,  alert those needing to hear this information.  Say it loud and clear so there is no question in anyone’s mind:  Enough

Done with drama.

If you’re unable to walk away from a situation where people are behaving like amateur actors in a bad soap opera, please remind yourself of this:
 Done with drama

Stay out of it.

3 is a crowd. Remember this the next time your friends engage in an argument or are in a long term feud. Our natural instincts propel us to jump in the middle of their problems and attempt to fix their situation. This behavior is an invitation for abuse. So when drama has nothing to do with you, keep yourself off the mat and stay out of it.

 Stay out of it.