We are loving, caring peeps giving too much. It's time to cut ties with those who don't appreciate our efforts. Make no excuses, have no regrets and say 'oh well.'

We are loving, caring peeps giving too much. It’s time to cut ties with those who don’t appreciate our efforts. Make no excuses, have no regrets and say ‘oh well.’

BRAIN FARTS – Short reminders to help all recovering mats –Do not engage

Following this advice will help keep you off the mat when interacting with ‘A’ Listers and toxic peeps.  The toxics and ‘A’ Listers will try to drag you into their drama.  Do not engage. Stand up and speak out for yourself, but don’t get sucked into the vortex of their time sucking, and emotionally draining life of never ending  problems and issues.

It's not okay.

‘It’s not okay’ means exactly that. But how many times has someone done something unacceptable and we said nothing? Perhaps that person offered an off handed ‘I’m sorry’  and we replied: ‘It’s okay’. It’s time to stand up and speak out and tell the thoughtless, insensitive peeps in our life that ‘It’s not okay.’

Over it.

Over it. What mat doesn’t feel this way about certain people, and situations? If this brain fart is dancing through your mind then take action and change what you can. Then, disengage with whom you must.

Set boundaries

Recovering mats need to set boundaries for everyone. Toxic peeps need verbal reminders so we need to stand up and speak out otherwise toxics will walk all over us.

I hide when i'm sad

Letting phone calls go  directly into voice mail, declining social invitations, leaving texts and emails unanswered; I hide when I’m sad.

What next

Some days it seems like everything is going wrong.  Whatever we attempt is fraught with problems; one glitch after another.  We feel disheartened and discouraged.  Those are the times when this brain fart frolics inside my brain.

Some people are just dumb. They say ignorant, hurtful things and act foolishly. Don’t fall victim to their stupidity and allow them to upset you. They can’t help the way they are because, after all, ya can’t fix stupid.
You are not alone.
No mater how  defeated, isolated and matty we feel, please remember there are others experiencing the same struggles.  We may feel lonely, but we are not alone.
Stop talking
We’ve all encountered the blabber mouth. The know-it-all who won’t shut up. Or the Debbie downer who talks endlessly about their problems. If you aren’t able to escape the monotony of their endless chatter, then repeat this helpful brain fart until they finally zip it.
Buyer beware.
Some peeps have hidden agendas so don’t believe everything you hear or see. If what you are experiencing seems ‘too good to be true’ use caution before moving forward.
Why !
If this brain fart is dancing around inside your mind, then there’s some soul searching necessary before making any decisions.
make a choice.
Stop waffling. Stand firm in a decision, regardless of what other peeps think. It’s time to think and do what serves you best.
Avoid time sucks.
There are certain peeps who drain the life force out of us. Avoid these time wasters whenever possible. Our life and precious time is ours and we owe these time sucks nothing.
who caresThis is a handy dandy reminder when someone is spouting their opinions and judging yours.