Hi Mats. I’m having a manic Monday and still feeling angry about last weeks encounter with an ‘A’ Lister.  While standing in a long return line at Macy’s I struck up a conversation with the gal in front of me. I excitedly told her about the “Society,” my growing audience on Facebook, and my blog.  Sharing insights about doormats and our journey towards empowerment felt exhilarating; until the awkward silence that followed.

“I’ve never had any of those “D” Lister experiences,” she commented then feigned a confused look while sticking her surgically enhanced nose up in the air. Seconds later she inched away from me as if I had lice and turned her back towards me.

I felt like  a doormat.

A minute later the stranger glanced over her shoulder mouthing “good luck.” It wasn’t long until she  turned around and  faced me again. “Your Society just isn’t for me. But my SISTER would fit right in.” She said as serious as a heart attack.

The woman is an ‘A’ Lister :  A celebrity in her own mind and the worst nemesis of the doormat.  I should’ve stood up and spoke out, but my inner “D” took over and I stayed silent.

What would you have done? Rose.