Sunday I had brunch with a friend from college. We hadn’t seen each other in years and I was thrilled when Terry contacted me through  “The Society”. We sat in the back of a crowded diner and caught up while munching buttered bagels and sipping mimosas. After an hour of reminiscing Terry popped the question.

“I want to be a member of ‘The Society'” She said in earnest. “But, what list would I be on?”

Usually this was an easy request to comply with but Terry was not a doormat. Nor was she empowered. Where did she fit in? I pondered her question while the waitress freshened our drinks. “I honestly don’t know”. I took a long sip and considered the dilemma. What list would best suit her? In truth, there wasn’t one.

“Rose, I truly want to be a member.” Her blue eyes sparkled with anticipation.

I couldn’t turn her away. How would she feel being denied membership to  “The Society for Recovering Doormats” simply because there wasn’t a suitable list for her to reside on?

“So Rose, Whadda ya think? Is there a place for me?” She persisted.

While finishing my drink the dilemma of what list to place Terry and like minded peeps upon was solved. “Terry, you are a doormat sympathizer!” I smiled knowing the title suited her perfectly.

Terry beamed. “Doormat sympathizer” she repeated. “I like it!”

In the instant between the bagels and mimosas a new list emerged. A list suitable for the non doormats but those not-yet-empowered:  Doormat Sympathizer. Peeps that understand the journey of the doormat, but aren’t one.  A new demographic included within the “Society”.

Many thanks to Terry for the inspiration.

Wishing all a wonderful day.
Standing up and speaking out. Rose