The ‘A’ Lister

Hi Mats. I’m having a manic Monday and still feeling angry about last weeks encounter with an ‘A’ Lister.  While standing in a long return line at Macy’s I struck up a conversation with the gal in front of me. I excitedly told her about the “Society,” my growing audience on Facebook, and my blog.  Sharing insights about doormats and our journey towards empowerment felt exhilarating; until the awkward silence that followed.

“I’ve never had any of those “D” Lister experiences,” she commented then feigned a confused look while sticking her surgically enhanced nose up in the air. Seconds later she inched away from me as if I had lice and turned her back towards me.

I felt like  a doormat.

A minute later the stranger glanced over her shoulder mouthing “good luck.” It wasn’t long until she  turned around and  faced me again. “Your Society just isn’t for me. But my SISTER would fit right in.” She said as serious as a heart attack.

The woman is an ‘A’ Lister :  A celebrity in her own mind and the worst nemesis of the doormat.  I should’ve stood up and spoke out, but my inner “D” took over and I stayed silent.

What would you have done? Rose.

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The “Society” is not just for doormats.

Sunday I had brunch with a friend from college. We hadn’t seen each other in years and I was thrilled when Terry contacted me through  “The Society”. We sat in the back of a crowded diner and caught up while munching buttered bagels and sipping mimosas. After an hour of reminiscing Terry popped the question.

“I want to be a member of ‘The Society'” She said in earnest. “But, what list would I be on?”

Usually this was an easy request to comply with but Terry was not a doormat. Nor was she empowered. Where did she fit in? I pondered her question while the waitress freshened our drinks. “I honestly don’t know”. I took a long sip and considered the dilemma. What list would best suit her? In truth, there wasn’t one.

“Rose, I truly want to be a member.” Her blue eyes sparkled with anticipation.

I couldn’t turn her away. How would she feel being denied membership to  “The Society for Recovering Doormats” simply because there wasn’t a suitable list for her to reside on?

“So Rose, Whadda ya think? Is there a place for me?” She persisted.

While finishing my drink the dilemma of what list to place Terry and like minded peeps upon was solved. “Terry, you are a doormat sympathizer!” I smiled knowing the title suited her perfectly.

Terry beamed. “Doormat sympathizer” she repeated. “I like it!”

In the instant between the bagels and mimosas a new list emerged. A list suitable for the non doormats but those not-yet-empowered:  Doormat Sympathizer. Peeps that understand the journey of the doormat, but aren’t one.  A new demographic included within the “Society”.

Many thanks to Terry for the inspiration.

Wishing all a wonderful day.
Standing up and speaking out. Rose

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Please Visit

Good morning,

Please visit ‘The Society’s’  additional site on WORDPRESS. Click the light blue W and you’re instantly transported there.  So easy, any doormat can do it.  Remember, you don’t have to be a doormat to visit. (But it helps)  Standing up and speaking out. Rose.

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Monday, February 4

This morning I was at the McDonald’s drive-thru when a ladybug flew through my car window and lighted upon the steering wheel. “A ladybug! In February?” I gently laid my finger beside the red and black speck hoping the little bugger would crawl onboard. The ladybug flew off the steering wheel and landed smack dab in the middle of my lower lip. I felt a teensy pinch and suspect the tiny creature kissed me. A moment later the lady bug flew off. Wahoo!! It’s my lucky day! Ladybugs bring good luck; everyone knows that. Right?

I won’t fly on Friday the thirteenth, or walk under ladders. My superstitions began in childhood while avoiding sidewalk cracks, and blaming my teen-aged angst on broken mirrors. Now, as a well educated adult, I no longer believe in unlucky side walk cracks or negative experiences perpetuated by broken mirrors. But I do believe in lucky Ladybugs.

Illogical as it is, I can’t seem to shake this doormat behavior of allowing numbers, objects and the occasional insect, control over my life. Intellectually I realize this is ill suited to the recovering doormat lifestyle. It’s tough behavior to let go of; but I am trying. (Wish me luck.)

Standing up and knocking on wood. Rose

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Friday, February 1

Fantastic Friday, It is February. The month of love. Many mats cringe knowing that Valentine’s day is approaching because it’s a sad reminder of love gone wrong. I feel compelled to repost a story that I ran over Christmas. One to give us hope and warm the heart.


Early this morning I received the news: two members of our group made a love connection! They met right here at ‘The Society for Recovering Doormats’ in early November. Shortly after matting around they began an off line romance. I am so thrilled that our group isn’t just a place for recovering doormats to gather for insight and help, but a dating site as well.

The members asked to remain anonymous, but I hope you love birds are enjoying your first Christmas day together. You give all mats hope for finding that special someone . Move over ‘’ & ‘J Date’.


There is a very exciting update to this story. After a whirlwind romance these star crossed lovers got engaged last Saturday, and are planning for a June wedding.

I hope I’m invited.

Rose’s Recovery Rule ~ Eleven~ “Love comes from the most unexpected places.” Embrace It. Standing up and speaking out.


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